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What causes a student to be troubled.?

Hello, my name is Amanda, I am a teacher in Sacramento California. I teach a fourth grade class of 25 kids in an upper class neighborhood. Most of the students at the school where I work are disciplined, well mannered and respectful to other kids and have good supportive families. I have a new student this year named A.J. On the second day of school he shoved another kid and took a ball he was playing with out of his hand, then referred to him as the N-word and used vulgar profanity. I don't like violence in my classroom or upon my students at any given time. I talked to his father about his behavior and he said that he will be at my school till January of next year 2021. Then he goes back home to L.A. to live with his grandmother and cousins. What do you think is causing his behaviors?


Bye the way, I care about the kid. I want to see him grow. I hope to teach him good learning skills and I'll make him a priority before he goes back to Los Angeles

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    trouble in the homes,abuse,may cause kiddo to act out,,he may be internally inclined to bully himself,or a combination of both,possible some mild non absorption problem with foods ,minerals,,vitamins cause learning and behavior deficits, put ten social workers,ten psychologists,ten school nurses in a padded room to be in agreement about what might be restorative and put kiddo on an even keel

    it will be a hollering match  or worse,addhd,don't know what would help  it is quite common for single parent esp a young mom,w no stable male in the house to coach the kid in direction and task focus,,this boy might have some talent in areas no one else sees and supports his pursuit of it,,whatever 'it' is,

    niece had a ten y/o in a Tx middle school,,teacher was absolutely unyielding on the rule 'all work to be done typed on the laptop,'       the boy has a  cursive and printed script as beautiful as irish monks of the 10th century, or an architect,,quite legible and neat,, the kid came home 2x suspended and furious crying hurt because of   nazi propagander/teacher kid was an A  and B plus student in everything,this idiot teachers gave him a fail,capable driven teacher who love teaching are a prize,no one can do anything about the dingbats,,tenure and unions protect them,this will change

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    All people are different. You can have a family where 3 children might behave perfectly and another child behave completely different. It's is both nature and nurture and sometimes nurture can overcome some of nature and sometimes not.

    You are lucky to have a school with good "nurture"

    I thought Sacramento school needed to be closed except those elementary school that received their waivers yesterday (or the day you posted this)?

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    The glib answer is to say that there are as many reasons as there are troubled students.

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    2 months ago

    He needs to follow the rules the same as all the other kids.  He is emulating what was around him. And perhaps his former classroom hasn’t been as behaved or punishment was not  followed through at his old school. Kids got away with the bad behavior. He got away with it at home? 

    He needs to learn his behavior will incur punishment. On the Other hand you need to praise him for good behavior and let him know you believe in his capabilities of behaving well and doing well academically. 

    If the school has a guidance counselor/psychologist  I would be talking to them. 

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  • 2 months ago

    Being shuttled back and forth among relatives is a pretty good cause. This kid feels rejected by his parents and grandparents. I'm not surprised that he's acting out. Poor kid! Don't you have any compassion for his situation? I don't know if you can make him feel secure- he obviously knows this is a temporary situation for him. This child is desperate to be loved and appreciated. 

  • 2 months ago

    maybe his parents are treating him like that

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