my laptop was switched?

I bought a laptop from the bestbuy store, and it looked normal, they keys didn't look different, the laptop itself didn't look different from the acer brand i got from the store and there was no pound key on the 3 (like the one shown here:

I fell asleep one day and possibly left it outside on the table. The next day the whole laptop was changed, except the sign in key was the same, and i noticed the first change was that there was a GB keyboard sign on it... that i had to keep changing for the @ or " button. initially the keyboard had no pound sign on the 3... now it does as the image shows. The box has been placed in my room in the same place I placed the original item i purchased with matching serial numbers (which makes me think it is possibly switched by a person inside the house or a family member)but the acer chromebook is the cheapest one item i got in the store. The charger is not as heavy too. I bought it with the intention to keep it for 3 months. i checked for spyware but can't find any reason someone wants to do that to me. I don't want to use the laptop... I think it was stolen for someone to have the normal version. I thought it was racism. I can't tell if they changed the reciept too... 


I was going to repurchase a normal laptop after three months and sell it but No idea who got the laptop before. 

Update 2:

my softmoc shoes have been switched too(to my intuition) they feel a lot cheaper and lighter. but they're the same size.. i can feel the difference there. i don't know who it is. i'm really not sure.. 

Update 3:

the glue stick i had looked changed too (but i didn't notice until i saw the strip with the serial code on it) the one i bought didn't seem to have it. but i dismissed it, and thought it hadn't been changed. 

Update 4:

i just went to get the glue stick it's a white background with black writing a code or numbers it's been changed back to the one I had purchased that day. I don't know...

2 Answers

  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    racism? your either a troll or not the smartest

  • 4 months ago

    I suggest you return it for a replacement. But, first call the store to check that out. It sounds weird.

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