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Question for IBS Sufferers. Help me understand it ?

Im currently having issues with my abdomen area and its driving me insane. Ive been told by doctors i most likely have IBS going by symptoms but i am under going more tests. Done bloods which came back normal but my stool test came back inconclusive. Without going into to much info, ive been struggling with constipation, i do manage to go at some point in the day but its a struggle, not much comes out and its very dark brown definitely not black (sorry for the tmi) plus ive had intermittent pain all over my abdomen (no particular trigger, just comes and goes) but predominantly in the upper left part and down my side. Im scared its something worse but hearing about my symptoms is  that familiar with IBS? My GP is clueless and unhelpful hense why im asking on here.  

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    It's caused by your gut not working properly.  That can be emotional (there's more nervous tissue surrounding your gut than there is in your brain) or it can be because you don't have the right bacteria to allow you to digest properly.  Subject to what your doctor has to say, here are some suggestions;

    1) Take a brisk one mile walk every day.  That helps settle the gut and also deals with anxiety.

    2) Take a probiotic to replace the bacteria in your gut.  Natural yoghurt can help, but acidophilus capsules give you a bigger dose.  Don't take a version with a lot of sugar in.

    3) Try a remedy with peppermint oil in it.  This will lubricate the bowel and relieve the symptoms.

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    Dry stool trying to make its way out will cause pain. Plus, you have untrapped gas that makes for more pain. I used a 2 quart steel can and fill it with water at 98 degrees. I do enemas because the meds I take cause major constipation.  One enema at night. Sometimes I don't need them at all. Once the enema (done right) is done, you'll feel much better. 

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    IBS and IBD are different.  It could be many different things and and could very likely be nothing at all.  See a GI doctor to put your mind at ease.  If it is IBS diet adjustments and even medical marijuana can provide fantastic relief.  Best of luck.

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    It's IBS, no doubt.   Try only consuming whole foods and drinking only water,  unsweetened teas and unflavored milk. 

    This simple cure took decades to find.

    Source(s): IBS, which was not even thought to have existed by most doctors, drove me to use alcohol as a salve and it seemed to work...until it didn't and I was hopelessly addicted, because my abrupt cessation after 11 years of hard drinking landed me in the ICU, in a coma, and the hospital for 4mo. After quitting nearly killed me, I read a book by a pediatric endocrinologist that explained the cause of obesity...and it was the same cause as most of IBS. I quit added sugars and at 39yo, feel healthier than at 18yo. My IBS was cured in a few weeks, as well as my acne, risk of getting diabetes II and I got thin for the first time since 8yo. You don't need to go in a coma and wake up blind in order to listen to reason. "Fat Chance..." by Dr. Robert Lustig, M.D.
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    A stool softener is a good place to start to relieve your constipation along with more soluble fibre in your diet. Dulcoease is avalable over the counter (here in the UK anyway)

    , simply take one capsule a day and build up to 4 capsules if need be. I have it on prescription along with a prescription only laxative and take the maximum dose each day because I'm on opioids. Constipation does cause abdo pain and cramps and if your tests came back ok then there's no reason for your GP to think that you have anything more severe.

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    If you try google it explains IBS very clearly, I looked it up a few days ago.

    And yes, it sounds like it.

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