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Who is likely behind these phone calls?

I get phone calls all the time from different numbers with my my state's area code. I pick up because I secretly hope it's my lost loved one from years ago. I'm not naive, I know it's not them but every time I pick up, there's silence but clearly someone on the other line and then they hang up. When I call back it says "sorry, but the number you have reached is no longer in service?" how is that even possible and who is likely behind these phone calls?

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    I get them also. I live with my answering machine on all the time. they are spam calls. and very annoying. when I do not know the number, I never answer. sometimes I call them back and all I get is their phone ringing and not one person answers. most of the time it is out of the country calling getting phone numbers from here in the united states.  I sometimes get Medicare calling me and Medicare does not call anyone

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    No one can even guess about the origin of calls like those, 

    although it is probably the same individual each time. 

    Number spoofing is being used. 

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