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Ray asked in SportsBoxing · 2 months ago

Lomachenko vs Teofimo?

Who you got, how do you see it and why


I also got Lomo ud, but it's a tough pick because Lomo does like to get into the pocket, and Teofimo has got a reputation with fighters who do that. I was live in NYC MGM when he took Commey out cold, and Commey was not anything to play with. 

FYI while you may be right on Teofimo being ready, truth is when would he be ready? When Lomo gets old? We see this a lot today, fighters waiting on top foes to decline before taking the fight. 

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  • 2 months ago
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    Teo, Shakur, Devin and Ryan are all young fighters I believe can take over from the likes of Loma, Crawford, Charlo in time, I admire their talent and spirit, I know they're hungry.

    But for Teofimo this is a step too far too soon in my opinion.  It's not too soon in the sense that he is a world champion and so should be fighting the best but we know that there's levels in boxing and so we look at what Lopez did before he captured the title and for me his resume just isn't deep enough. I'm looking to see where before he's had to deal with adversity in the ring, when has he had to change tactics/style because plan A wasn't working, when has he had to climb off the canvas and come from behind to take it. 

    When you win the title at that age with so few fights under your belt you still need more time as champion to get these questions answered so to make your first defence against a three-weight world champion with 400 amateur fights and back to back Olympic Golds is something that shows great spirit and self-belief but it's over the top, it's misplaced at this point. 

    Great for us to watch but I got Loma by wide UD or late stoppage but I prefer Loma UD I think.  Calzaghe vs Lacy all over again, timing, footwork and the ability to control the action is gonna be too much for the youngster but he will certainly come again.

    How about you who you got?

    @RAY - For Loma I wouldn't expect him to ever be ready because as you suggested, Loma at 34 probably doesn't have too long left.  He doesn't have to ever be ready for Loma but in time he will be ready for that level of opposition.  Loma's gonna show him the difference between very good and elite.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Doesn't like to get into the pocket? Have you even seen his fights? He is pretty good on the inside with his punch randomness.

    The Latin guy will try to rush him, get caught and soon retire in tears. It's always the same story.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    I think the fight will play a lot like De La Hoya vs Vargas. Teofimo will come out strong in the early rounds and will really possibly even floor Loma during the first 4 rounds. But then Loma will pick him apart and that's were the experience will start to show. I think towards the later rounds Loma will be teeing off of Teo at will leading to a stoppage on the championship rounds.

  • Mier
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    1 month ago

    I’m not a Lomachenko fan or a TeoFimo fan but Lomachenko is either going to dominate and stop this kid or beat him up over the course of 12 rounds for a UD. 

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  • 2 months ago

    Lomachenko wins by KO or TKO.

    Teofimo's only chance is to KO and he has to do it within 6 rounds, otherwise he will lose, I don't see him knocking out Lomachenko and certainly not within 6 rounds.

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