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Punishing my felines for killing lizards?

I’ve got 2 cats ones 8 mo the other 3 mo. The big girl was good, she never broke anything and never disrespected me in anyway. However when the baby came, now they’re both breaking items (like a rare porcelain doll I had high up where they can’t reach, might I add my big cat NEVER stepped up there before). Initially I was angry they where breaking stuff but not inclined to in anyways crate them aside from scolding them and showing them why I was upset. Recently my cats broke into my bearded dragon tank (which is high up so they had to have climbed my clothing rack) I moved it with my poor baby barely alive! Now he’s way higher up and somehow I find the baby asleep on his tank! Then today at 5 am I’m awoken to my bigger cat yet again inside the enclosure that was re broken! So now I’m considering buying a big crate to lock them in at night and when I’m gone Because I’ve given my cats nothing but love and attention and my bigger one was NEVER this out of control. They literally climbed a mannequin (and knocked her down) to get to my Lizard. And the worst part is I have a snake that they can also reach but don’t? Why do they keep harrasing the bearded dragon! Am I wrong for wanting to crate them? I can’t even separate the lizard from them because I’m in a studio!!! So I can’t even give him a chance unless I do something about my cats new behaviors. The only reason I’m considering crate training is because my Lizard barely survived this second attack. 

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  • Rick
    Lv 6
    4 weeks ago

    go to a place that has HUGE lizards !!!!

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    your cats "disrepect you"?

    hello, their animals not people. are you sure your psychiatrically fit to own animals?

    can you vote?

  • 1 month ago

    They are kittens.  Like


    they will destroy by accident.  They don't reason, they don't can they? They aren't human.  If you can't tolerate anything breaking, put the breakables away. 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    people like you that have these crazy pets are fuqqing psycho! i never understood these "edgy" girls with many pets. yall stink and greasy looking too and are the most heartless animal care takers. you gotta choose reptiles or ur cats. This is going to continue. cats are meant to fuqqing hunt small animals. cats are carnivores and they are going to kill those reptiles. but just seeing that this never ever crossed your mind i bet u are going to do nothing and cage ur cats. YOU. ARE. NOT. AN. ANIMAL. LOVER. YOU. ARE. A. ANIMAL. ABUSER. period.

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  • 1 month ago

    You punish your cat's anyway! What do you think they are children!

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    you need to make you place cat proof. Put delicate things away.  Make the lizard tank cat proof.  U can't blame the cats for their behaviour. You can't punish them either. Why don't u put the  cats in the laundry or bathroom at night with a basket for sleeping. Putting them in cages is cruel.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    From what you've posted, your life has been spiraling out of control for a number of years.  Sure, buy a bigger crate for them.  I'm sure they are breaking things to spite you.

    Sometimes I make my cats stand in a corner and face the wall until they are sorry for their behavior.

  • 1 month ago

    Id get rid of the cats

  • *****
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    1 month ago

    You don't "crate train" cats, nor do you punish them for acting like the predators they are. You've got two active kittens stuck in a studio apartment, which is quite a small space for them, with prey animals that you are apparently unwilling or unable to secure properly. They're young, they're bored, and likely not receiving the exercise they should, of course they're going to get into things! And you have a visible meal sitting in an enclosure they can open! Now that they have realized that, they're going to keep trying to get in there, no matter where you put it. Box up breakables that you don't want broken until they are older and calmer. Secure your lizard better. Play with your cats more. Ensure they have a cat tree (or multiple) and other acceptable places to climb, plenty of toys, and lots of play time with you. If you can't provide them with a good environment that meets their needs and is safe for them and your possessions and other pets, maybe you should rethink having them in that environment at all.

    I don't know what you're keeping your lizard in, but I assume it has flimsy plastic or screen parts. You need a sturdier, locked, tank or terrarium for your bearded dragon that they can't get into. There are ventilated tops for reptile tanks that are entirely sturdy metal instead of plastic and mesh, and can be clamped and locked to the tank, and beardies should be in quite large tanks, which, if glass, would be too heavy for a cat to knock over and break. You can purchase locks for sliding front tank doors, and every hinged front tank door I've ever seen has holes specifically there to enable a lock to be used. There are also nice molded plastic terrariums (vision cages) that you can buy that are all one piece except for the front glass, which can be locked. There is no reason that a cat should be able to get into a bearded dragon's tank that is appropriately secured. Fix the tank. 

  • 1 month ago

    Your older cat didn't go haywire because of the younger cat, though it helped. You're older cat is going through the cat teens, a hellish stage when they are at their worst and will push boundaries, like HUMAN TEENS. They are the naughtiest during this stage and won't care about "punishments" or anything like that. They will look you dead in the eye as they knock something over and break it. And with the 3 month old, you get to go through this back to back. 

    I understand that you live in a tiny space. I had two cats in a small apartment, too. It can be done. Both of them played together very well, but would get bored, of course. I brought home empty boxes for them to pounce in. I got a bigger cat tree. I got them stick on shelves for the window, and a bird feeder for outside so they could watch "Kitty TV." I also played the hell out of them to the point of panting to make them good and worn out. Were they still naughty between 6 months and a year and a half? Oh, you bet, but playing, new toys, and things made FOR THEM really helped to curb the worst of it. 

    I also have reptiles. My husband and I went to a hardware store and purchased some cheap, but sturdy, wood and drilled holes in it to set on top of the tanks. The cats climb up there all the time, and the reptiles are perfectly safe. Another hang out/lounging spot for the cats, peace of mind for me that my snakes aren't getting messed with. If you can't do anything like this, you can buy reinforced mesh tops for the tanks, as well. We have one of those on our tanks (it came with it), and it has child proof locks and even our fattest cat can't make a dent in it. Your cats love the bearded dragon because it's WARM IN THE TANK. Also, there's some weird relationship that cats have with these lizards. 

    And crating the cats will do more harm than good. You lock them up for the night, let them loose, and they will be wilder than before, you can trust me on that. Get more interactive toys, some perch spots, and play them hard and MORE. You have two very young cats, still technically kittens, and they are approaching a very crazy, hormonal phase in their lives. It will get worse before it gets better and they both won't calm down for a good while, so be prepared for more. 

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