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Has he Forgotten ?

 I've been friends with this guy since high school and its been 4yr since.

 'just friends' at first.  But then he scared me, because I could see that he was falling in love by the end of the summer I kinda pretended not to notice.We both then headed to different  colleges. Didn't think i'd see him again cause we didn't even have each others phone numbers.Christmas Break and there he was!We both got summer jobs at the same place and seen eachohther everyday.we fought, laughed and talked.he was crazy about me, and I seen him as a friend.I was so focused on college that I vowed to myself not be in a relationship till after college and told him that too.He finally told me that he wanted me and mentioned marriage. We fought but made mends. Before he went back to college I told him to forget about me. He didn't,I was shocked.He came back on Christmas break and told me that he would wait as long as it took. we texted very consistently every day for years.recent we had been talking on the phone one day and then the next he stopped all communication.I pestered him and he was so standoffish. I asked him why and he very shortly said that he thought we were just friends and said that he isn't waiting.I played casual, but it destroyed me. I wouldn't say that he is even friends anymore..I don't know what happened. I mean I would understand if he gradually pulled away, but he did it overnight when just the day before said how much he missed me and I said that I missed him

Thoughts please??

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    He has found someone else or because you are not the person he will end up with he is moving on. Basically if this will not happen then i am moving on because i want my feelings returned. And the reason i spent so much time with you was because i wanted to be with you but i have options/ i am not wasting my time anymore. If you want him then tell him now before he moves on. If you want to keep your friend and you have no feelings then you have to understand your friendship was built up on the hopes and dreams that one day you would return the feelings. So your house that the friendship was built on was sand, so he can walk away and not feel he missed anything while you will feel you lost something. 

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    I’d give up on you hopeless

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    No thoughts. This is too confusing to figure out.

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