Has Klopp made a mistake by not bringing in a world class forward to allow the current front 3 rest ?

it would have been nice to have a first in last out scenario where by if one of the front 3 is misfiring or jaded,  in comes our new signing and the jaded player can rest up.

also as an option to use other than just Origi all the time not saying Origi isn't bad a55, he is insanely good as a sub who comes and scores winners for us but we need more options and especially when we are trying to defend the EPL crown.  

Missing out on Timo Werner was a huge hammer blow because of where he ended up.

I just hope then, that we do a SAF 1995-96 and emplace full trust and believe in some of the younsters,  like Curtis Jones and Co.

Also lets see more Grujic and put to bed this Thiago Alacantra nonsense as its plain for all to see its just buzz talk,  he aint coming and he aint leaving lol

theres more chance Maure sign Jadon Sancho than us getting Alacantra imo

thougths ?

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    Probably, but it's a gamble they can afford, people forget it wasn't the trio that destroyed Barcelona at Anfield, it was Origi, TAA, Wijnaldum, even Shaqiri to an extent, Salah wasn't even on the field, not sure if Mane and Firmino were or weren't, but either way that shows they were complete nonfactors, meaning Liverpool won without them.

    I think Liverpool will be fine, it's hard to see a team dropping an extra 30 points over a year, and even if they did their tally would've still got them 3rd last year. 


  • 1 month ago

    He's just about to bring in a striker

  • 1 month ago

    Liverpool suck away from home even with them. 

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    The transfer window is still open so he’s got plenty of time to bring in reinforcements. Klopp doesn’t necessarily need to bring someone in that’s world class, he’s very good at turning good players into world beaters. 

    I think he will need to bring in someone versatile that can play along the front 3 someone they can rotate from time to time to reduce the chance of injuries and to rest one of the front 3 for bigger games. They bought minamino from Salzburg last season. I don’t think he’s proved he’s first team quality yet but If klopp can improve him they might not even need to sign another forward player. It’s the defence they should be focusing on. 

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  • 1 month ago

    It doesn't seem that long ago when L/pool bought Rickie Lambert one summer has their new Star Striker.(Sorry Rick no disrespect) but Klopp has revolutionised the Pool. Do you think he could do a job for England or is he too German.

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    Missing on Timo Werner is the best thing Liverpool could have done, because he will flop.

    They have bought Tsimikas who does look very very good, and they have a lot of youth players they will probably promote,  but yes they probably should get some more experienced players to come in.

  • Not really sure what options are out there that make sense.  Buying for the sake of buying doesn't make a lot of sense.  I'm more concerned that they gave up 3 goals to Leeds due to the kind of mistakes you haven't really seen of late from this team.  Maybe it's a one-off but it's still a concern.

  • well i think so yes,  but let's see,  this would be the first fingerpoint from me since he took over,  and we finished 7th one of those seasons,  so maybe we both need to be more patient, and trust what's he's doing i guess..... Origi's a decent backup, but i get your issue because  it's mine as well

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