Heavy Implantation bleeding?

My period isn’t due yet and I’ve had unprotected sex. It started off light pink and only there when I wipe and very light and has gotten heavier and red but I don’t think this is my period I feel really nauseous and not great. Has anyone had any experience and could this be implantation  bleeding or is it more likely my period ? I only ask because I have issues with my period and I am on medication due to the severe pain and issues in my daily life. But I don’t feel like it’s my period? I have heard horror stories of heavy implantation and I’m scared ?

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  • 3 weeks ago

    What you are experiencing is not implantation bleeding.  Most women never see anything because it is quite literally a couple of drops of blood that don't make it out of the body.

    So, you need better sources of information and you should call your doctor. Medication can cause changes in a cycle.  You also probably shouldn't be having unprotected sex if you are on some medications as they can cause miscarriage or birth defects.

    Call the doctor that prescribed your medication.  Tell them what's going on and they can advise you.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    The word "heavy" and "implantation" do not go together.  Your source for "implantation horror stories" is also a BAD SOURCE.

    If it is "heavy" then it is NOT "implantation" bleeding.  Implantation bleeding is so light that the body often absorbs it and it never makes it out.  Implantation bleeding IS NOT a common symptom that is noticed at the beginning of pregnancy.  If it does make it out, it is a few drops that you might see when you wipe.If you need to put on a pad or use a tampon - it is NOT implantation bleeding.  At this stage, it would also not be considered a "miscarriage" because you would not have had pregnancy hormones yet to prove that you are pregnant.  It would either be considered an early period OR if you actually get more bleeding when your period is due, then this would be considered "breakthrough bleeding" which is any bleeding that happens when a period is not due.Feeling nausea or feeling sick in general would also not be because of pregnancy before a period is due.  Pregnancy hormones cause pregnancy symptoms and the pregnancy hormones don't usually get strong enough to cause symptoms until around the fifth to sixth week of pregnancy - which is about one to two weeks AFTER the missing period.

    If your symptoms get worse, then consult your doctor.  

  • Jill
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    Where have you heard horror stories about implantation bleeding? 

    IF there is implantation bleeding it's just spotting. If the bleeding is anything heavier it's either a period or a miscarriage.

    In regards to the nausea - there would be NO symptoms like that at implantation. Pregnancy symptoms (if you have them) begin when the pregnancy hormone reaches a certain level. This does not happen at implantation.  

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