Are there any unique phone cases for the Galaxy S20+?

I have been shopping around for a case to put on my new Galaxy S20+. Every place I have looked so far offers the standard smooth edged protective case. While those are great options I would like to find something that looks unique or offers something you don't normally get from your phone case. I have seen unique cases in the past mostly offered for iPhone. Its definitely possible that im asking for something that just isn't available but I just thought I'd ask. Does anyone know of something like this?


In unique I guess what I am trying to explain is a case that stands out from the normal basic smooth rounded edge and rounded corner design. An example of this would be the extreme iPhone 11 turbo edition case. I hope that helps.

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    Unique really doesn't mean much without an idea of what you mean. What are you looking for feature/color wise? Wallet style, purse style, clutch, strap, magnetic closures with magnetic shut off? Money clip that is also a viewing stand, hidden pop ring? ID/credit card holder? 

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