Can I work at YouTube remotely from Trinidad and Tobago?

I was grown well aware of all the messes that are happening at YouTube, including channel hacks and how YouTube is handling them poorly. I became interested in working for YouTube to somehow correct these mistakes and give some justice to the creators who have been wronged. What I want to know is, can I, a resident of Trinidad and Tobago, work remotely from my country for YouTube, maybe as a software engineer or some form of public relations, to help combat these kinds of problems once I obtain the skills? I can't believe that so many creators, even the smaller but most promising ones would have to suffer like this in the future. I need to know so that I can earn some revenue solving problems like this and meet the challenge of protecting all YouTube creators big and small as well as bring new issues to light and make YouTube a better, stronger and more open platform for anyone to join without breaking any policies or rules. I would really appreciate it if anyone with expertise in these kinds of matters, especially working in YouTube, would answer right away, so that I can prepare accordingly. Thank you and awaiting a quick and well-detailed response. 

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  • 1 month ago
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    YOU need to ask YouTube that question, my friend.  None of us here actually work for YouTube ... well, MAYBE a few people here do work for YouTube, but they are UNLIKELY to be the ones making decisions on YouTube's behalf.

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