lol asked in Politics & GovernmentPolitics · 3 months ago

when did yahoo answers become so political?

like wtf bro

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  • Zirp
    Lv 7
    3 months ago

    It didn't.

    It's just that too many people post "questions" to promote their own partisan stance, or rather, to "debunk" the alleged stance of "the other party"

  • 3 months ago

    You've posted this in the "Politics" category.

  • 3 months ago

    This is Yahoo/Politics/Answers.

  • 3 months ago

    Around the same time America became so political.  To use public health as a political football is just stupid.

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  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    Social media and media is always political, and this being a site dominated by the western societies, you are going to find afrocentric and white supremacy comments most.

    Then there's the odd brown guy like me from a totally different dimension who comes through!

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