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Why are other superheroes willing to reveal their identities to the public?

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    One of the core tropes of superheroes is the hiding of the identity.  The justification makes sense - otherwise villains would almost certainly strike at them through their families and/or when they are not expecting it, putting themselves and others in greater danger.

    Then you have a handful of supers whose identities are public.  Captain America for example.  Who despite wearing a mask is WELL KNOWN to be Steve Rogers (well, depending on WHEN you're talking about).  In that case, Rogers is relying on his popularity to protect him.  And it really shouldn't.  The Red Skull and MODAK and such should have no qualms about going after his friends.  

    But in most Captain America comics I've read, Steve has basically NO personal life.  His friends are OTHER SUPER HEROES.  Though this should be equally problematic. Want to know the secret identities of Avengers?  Just tail Steve Rogers and see who he hangs out with.

    IMHO, a superhero who has a public identity really needs to justify it via stories that punish it.  This is a core trope of the genre and I feel like the exceptions to it often don't do enough to show the consequences.

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    because they weren't good enough

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