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My cats are anoying, needy and rush me everytime I step outside?

They try to come in even though I will never let them inside.

They run at me meowing and rub up on my legs. They've tripped me and I fell. 

I feed them twice a day and they act like they've been starving and want to be fed.

Dogs are not this needy or dumb either. What can I do???

2 are pregnant. These cats showed up from the highway and have been breeding.

I dont have the heart to call animal control or give them away.

Is there a way to get them to be less clingy? And demanding?

Not even dogs bother a person like that. Theres over 10 cats out there.

I cant afford to have them fixed either unless those stimulus checks come. 

My neighbor and girlfriends mom wants to get rid of them because they all go to their house like a herd because they have 2 cats which are not fixed. 

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    They wanna come in because they want to be loved by you and spend time with. Especially the pregnant cats.

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    All domesticated animals are inherently needy. If they didn't need us, they wouldnt hang around. If you cant tolerate meeting the needs of a living creature, why not give them to someone who can?

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