How to deal with a bad doctor?

I’m pretty sure that my doctor is a bad guy. Not just like he’s not good at his job, but he’s like an actual bad guy.  No one will let me see a different one, so I’m stuck with his ***.  I’m always nervous being around a bad guy because I’m afraid he’s going to beat my *** while he’s doing a physical or something like that.  One time he even tried to rope my *** into a scam for money.  I’m thinking of issuing him a stern warning, but I’m not sure how he’d retaliate tbh.  I need backup if he attacks.  Thanks. 

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    Drug test him.  I know a doctor who made rounds in the hospital while drunk.  He even offered his brandy to one of the patients and they both drank the bottle together.

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