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Can you translate from Spanish (to/for) English for me please?

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    The prepositions "to" and "for" are not correct. You translate a text INTO another language. You don't translate it TO another language.

    Besides, the verb "translate" need a direct object in this sentence, i.e. you need to mention what you want to translate.

    Then, the proper sentence is:

    - Can you translate this [this sentence/word/text/etc.] the from Spanish INTO English for me, please?

    You use "translate into" when you are talking about the target language, but you can optionally use "translate to" when you are talking about the target text (the specific equivalent for the piece of original text you're talking about).

    For example, all of these sentences are acceptable:

    1. I translated "John's books" into Spanish.

    2. I translated "John's books" into "los libros de John."

    3. I translated "John's books" to "los libros de John."

    Note that "translate to" is very commonly used intransitively. For example:

    4. "John's books" translates to "los libros de John."

    However, you can't use "translate into" intransitively, and you can't use "translate to" if you're referring to a translation into a language as a whole. Then, these sentences are unacceptable:

    1'. *I translated "John's books" to Spanish. (incorrect)

    4'. *"John's books" translates into "los libros de John." (incorrect)

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