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How does health/vision/dental insurance work with full time jobs?

Sorry if this is a silly question. If i were to get a full time job that comes with insurance, how would that work? would the insurance be immediate? is the job i'm working at partnered with an insurance company to hand out insurance to full time employees? is there additional paperwork needed to file?

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    You would have to ask your HR, but usually, it goes into effect after your probationary period. Once that's up, you would be given the forms to fill out and hand back to HR so they can handle it from there. Many businesses are partnered with providers and you have to pick and choose what you can afford, if it's needed for just you, you and your partner, you and your children, etc. The costs would raise if you need to provide for your whole family. Just me, I'm paying $40 a month for my plan. To add my husband, it would jump to $540 a month! Kids (don't have any) would be $200 per month, something like that. 

    And pay attention to sneaky deductibles. I learned this the hard way. Some employers have no choice but to offer this, but the cheaper the plan, usually the higher the deductible is. So for example, the $50 per month plan looks good, but you have to pay $2,000 before any of what's covered would go into effect. Any tests, any appointments besides a yearly physical are NOT covered and completely out of your pocket per year until you reach that $2000. Read the fine print before deciding. My deductible is $250 per year. My old job? It was $2,500. BIG difference. 

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    I've had 4 jobs that provided health insurance, each one was different

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    It can be day 1 or day 90 or anything in between. Most common start date is first of the month following 60 days, followed by 1st of month following 30 days. Companies that do day one like to torture their HR departments.

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    It is usual not immediate, but sometimes it is.  Usually, it takes about three months.  Sometimes it's sooner or later.

    There is always additional paperwork.

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    Your HR department will explain everything to you. You don't have to do anything UNTIL you get a full time job with these benefits. Nothing is automatic. You may have to choose between more than one health insurance plan, and it may or may NOT come with dental and vision coverage. Your health insurance will come out of your pay--so if you have to choose, you 'll need to figure out how much they are going to charge you for it before you opt in. And if you have to choose a plan to use, then you should get all the information from your HR.  They'll give you everything; whatever paperwork you need to fill out will be done then. 

    Source(s): Worked in HR for 31 years.
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    Depends on the company.  Som are immediate, some at the start of the following month, some not for 60 days or more.  Might or might not include vision and dental.

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    1.Benefits don't usually start until the employee has been working for 30 days -- or whatever probationary period the company determines.

    2. The company contracts with one or more insurance provides, for example Aetna or Blue Cross/Blue Shield or Kaiser.  Sometimes you have a choice and sometimes you don't.

    3. Often, the employee will have to contribute some money (pay for) the coverage. Sometimes an employer will cover all of the cost of the premium.

    4. Medical insurance is common. Dental and vision coverage are often separate and optional.

    5. At the time of employment, you will be asked to fill out various forms to enroll in the insurance program.  You will also be given various ways you can have insurance billed for services.  Most of the time you have an insurance card issued by the insurance company.  You present that to the doctor and the doctor's office will bill the insurance company directly.

    Any and all of this will be handled in detail at the time of employment.  You are welcome to ask a prospective employer about benefits when you interview.

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    Employees usually have to work for the company for 30 - 60 (sometimes 90) days before they qualify for the company's insurance. It is a group plan that is offered and you would have very little, if any, choice is what is offered. You will have to fill out an application and there may be a cost that would be be deducted from your paycheck every pay period. Your company should give you details of the plan a week or two before you qualify.

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    It depends on your employer. With some your coverage starts after 90 days, with others it starts on day 1.

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    They take care of all of that when they hire you, coverage usually starts after the probationary period.

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