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Chatting with her for two hours ... should I ask her out?

I am a senior in high school and have had a crush on this girl for two years now, but have always been shy around her. She is not only attractive, but also popular and captain of the volleyball team. 

I didn't think she really noticed me, but a mutual friend of ours says she thinks I am a "very nice person, mature, and very sensible." She also says I am "very close to an 8/10" in terms of looks. 

I've actually been chatting with her in another tab right now for the last two (yes, two) hours tonight while working up the nerve to ask her out. On the one hand, O can't imagine someone as popular and outgoing as her would waste her Friday night unless she thought there was a point, but I worry she will reject me. 

Am I wasting her time? Should I take a chance and ask her out? 

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    Look at it this way: If you ask her out and she says yes, you've got a date with someone you've admired for 2 years. If you ask her out and she says no, it's disappointing but it frees you to find someone else and at least you know you gave it a shot. But if you DON'T ask her out, you'll NEVER know whether she would have said 'yes' or not, and you'll end up regretting it years to come. Make sense?

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    I think you are looking at too big a step.  You should ask her to do something with you.  But if you try to make it a "romantic date" then it changes the dynamics too much.  What does she like?  What does she do with her weekends?  Can you find a way to spend some time in a non threatening, no expectations manner?  Even if it was going with a group.  Build your association one brick at a time.  Always prepared, not for rejection, but for discovering that it isn't going to work.

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