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Whatdo you think of a woman that stayed off the clock at her minimum wage job to hang out with a cute coworker?

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    As long as he didn't put any extra work on her or she wasn't doing any tasks without getting paid, then I find nothing wrong with accompanying a coworker as long as it's not against the company's policy. Some companies can be rather intrusive when it comes to their employees personal lives and dating. Also consider that they might be unwanted advances. Perhaps the guy doesn't want the attention. However, to go back to the off the clock issue, I don't think anyone should ever work for free. Most companies take advantage of their minimal waged employees as it is, they don't need to have them work off the clock. Plus I don't think that's actually legal. I'm sure there are labor laws in place that don't allow for that. 

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    she don't really need a job or she had some leave hours to spare to hang out. She could be married or in a relationship and acted as if she was going to work and didn't not saying that's the case. But that's nothing to brag about!!!! A real man would of told her to go to work and you would make time to hang out with her when she's available and don't have to take off to hang out

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    I think she's more interested in the cute coworker than she is interested in the minimum wage job. What do YOU think ?

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    I don't fully understand but it sounds like she likes a guy she works with and would sooner spend time with him than go home to an empty lonely flat to live a miserable isolated existence.  Surprise!

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