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(see details for full question) Have you ever needed a job reference from someone?

have their permission to use them as a reference, but you haven't seen or heard from them in over 12-years and then think to yourself, "Huh, I hope they still remember me. Geeeez, I hope they're still alive."


I have his home phone number and personal email address. This person is retired. I hope he didn't move or change his phone number. I should call and see what's going on. If that doesn't work then I my last hope is his email address. He was my manager, he will say what needs to be said because I was good employee that served him well and was loyal. He's not the type to forget.

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    Bad idea. 

    If the potential employer calls that number,  (still the same #, I presume), and

    the person says, " I haven't seen him in years", there goes the job.

    Job references are in several parts: qualification, job description, attitude and aptitude, compatibility, and most vital, the duration of your employment there.

    Expect the person being called to have all that at hand?

    Find someone valid, and not risk being fired at a later date too.

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