I have social security disability and i live in the state of pennsylvania?(read description)?

I looked up the max limit someone could get from disability which is $800-$1,800 per month, I only get roughly 500. Why would this be? I've been on disability for several years now. Side note i had to go to court just to prove i had ptsd, anxiety to the point that i can cripple me physically and manic depression. Would i be able to apply for more benefits or am i stuck with getting 500 a month?

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  • 1 month ago
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    if you have no other income and less than $2000 (bank accounts, a 2nd car, etc) in assets, you would be getting supplemental SSI and have a total combined SSDI/SSI benefit of $803.  If you only get SSI, the max is 783 (some states have a small supplement).

    are you sure you get SSDI?  or do you just get SSI?

    if you live with someone rent free, they reduce SSI by 1/3rd and max is 522.

  • 1 month ago

    How about treatment and working to pay your own way!!

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