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hey! can somebody give me some suggestions?

i am writing a crime solving story, and i am having a hard time deciding victim selection  type. can somebody give some ideas on that? for clarification, i will give you an example, like in riverdale, the black hood only targeted sinners, can anybody give me such suggestions?

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    Prostitutes is a classic. Let's say the killer was molested by a bald man as a child, he might go around killing bald men.

  • garry
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    give you a clue , your writing the story sob use you own ideas , or else your writing for others , he book but not hes work .

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    That sounds like someone whom they were following, like someone older than hem who they looked up to.  Like a tough guy who was a bully who the younger one tried to model himself after.  Like the true story of a police officer who went to the dangerous projects because this boy's mother asked him to help her get him away from the gang that he was starting to follow, and the gang got on him for always having this beloved cop going to his home, so he told them he would take care of it and he wound up shooting the officer as he left the boy's home.  Meanwhile police officers came from all over, to show their respects to this officer at his funeral.

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    How did the black hood know that they were sinners?

    And, please, always use capitals for names - e.g. Riverdale. Also to start sentences - e.g. 'Can somebody....'  and  'For clarification....' and in reference to yourself  - ' I '.

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    "We are all sinners and come short of the glory of God."

    As Gigapie wrote, "That doesn't narrow it down much."

    What sort of sinner do you want, if you want a sinner. "The seven deadly sins" are






    Sloth (Laziness)


    Will you, as the author, select the type of victim, or will the character?

    For example, does the killer want to kill a particular banker who denied him a loan or foreclosed the mortgage on his house? Does he decide to kill all the bankers? Do you want him to kill bankers because your readers are unlikely to like them, so they will be in sympathy with the killer?

    Or does he want to kill any woman or a particular woman because that woman broke with him? Or do you want him to kill her/them to make us hate him, because the particular woman was justified in ending the relationship and the other women were just in the wrong place when he saw them.

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    "Only targeted sinners"? Well, that doesn't narrow it down much, does it? 

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    Drishti, please don't post an "Answer" to give more information about your question. Your "Answer" may be overlooked or ignored. When you want to add something about your original question, click on EDIT and post an "Update". It will appear right under your original question, where nobody can miss it.

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    My suggestion would be to learn how to compose a question correctly before you begin to worry about crafting a readable story. And if you don't possess the bare minimum amount of creativity to devise your own plots, then you shouldn't bother writing anything at all. 

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    If you want to write a story, or a book, the whole point is that the descriptions, the title, the plot, the characters, the names, the places - everything - has to come from YOU.

    If those things come from other people, it’s not YOUR story at all.

    And if you really can’t manage to invent those things, with no help from anyone else, you’re either not ready to write a story or you just aren’t interested enough.

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    I m sorry... your suggestion is amazing for a next one, but my storyline is like a teenager is killing these people after being controlled by someone, i know its a lame story, but some suggestions? for christian who answered my question, thanks but i need something else.....

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