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Which do you think is the most powerful processor?


Americans, if answering can you be a good Yank and realise this is the Computers section

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    Atom processor

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    In what category or class?

    New PC compatible processors are being released regularly; at this instant, the Passmark charts put the  AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO 3995WX at the very top; the top Intel one is in 12th position, in fact.

    There are also many other types; the IBM Power series for example, used in some of the worlds top supercomputers.

    They are descendants of the PowerPC CPUs jointly developed by Motorola, IBM and Apple in the early 1990s.

    And of course no high-end computer now uses a single "processor" - they use multiple processors (cores) in each CPU package and for more performance, multiple CPU packages / systems working in tandem.

    Some supercomputers have tens of thousands of CPU cores in total, often now with GPU ICs used as maths processors rather than graphics.

    Some GPUs now have many thousands of extremely fast, simple processors that work in tandem to do complex maths.

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