can anyone reassure me about my media files on my computer?

i have a windows 7 desktop computer still and sometimes when i go to old media folders containing my favourite pictures, pictures i collected off the internet as far back as 2007.......i think there are less picture files in the folders than i remember?....for example in a few of my old media folders, there are only 400 picture files, when i thought there used to be thousands of picture files in them?

i just want reassurance than nothing can slowly delete files one by one over time and reduce the number of files in a folder?  or am i safe from something like that?  there's nothing that could do that to my media folders?

would a virus delete all the pictures and not just reduce my media folders from thousands of picture files to hundreds of picture files?


Thanks David, I forgot to add that I have already backed up that data.

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  • 1 month ago
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    There is no known reason or virus that does that. My suggestion, however, is to backup your photos NOW to a DVD or elsewhere.

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    1 month ago


    I cannot say this enough.  Having your favorite things backed up is important.  If something were to happen to your hard drive, you can and will lose them all! Not to a virus, but to simple errors inplanning.  Even if all you do is take a few minutes to put them all on a CDR or DVR, you have those pictures protected.  Do it today! 

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