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Can bacteria survive on the planet Mars?

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    I think they could, but it would take some sort of extremophile type of bacteria to be able to handle the conditions.  Most bacteria would probably die or perhaps encyst and go dormant (waiting for some future where conditions would be suitable for them).  Underground where liquid water could exist (likely does exist) would be expected to be more easily survived than living at the surface.  The cold alone at surface would cause many bacteria to go dormant or die.  We find bacteria in lots of places on earth where we were surprised, even astounded, to realize that life could survive the harsh (to our view) conditions.

  • John P
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    David should note that his 'opinion' about lack of water on Mars his no validity unless backed by plausible observations made by the several landers which have explored parts of the surface of Mars.  Many scientists note the possibility of water on the surface of Mars at some stage in the past, and thus the possibility of water somewhere below the surface of Mars today.

    Note that I stress 'possibility' rather than 'fact'.  David would do well to note that distinction.

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    No,bacteria not survive on planet mars because water not available on planet mars. It's my opinion 

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    No. Bacteria needs liquid water to live. But water can not exist on Mars due to the low air pressure. 

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    If you want to know all about bacteria, then visit a public rest room. Plenty of bacteria inhabiting that. No need for Mars to be involved.

    Next question.

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    Not on the surface.

    Maybe where there might be warm spots (similar to a warm spring)  deep beneath the surface.

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