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Did I ever even recover from my eating disorder? ?

When I was 13-15 I developed a pretty bad eating disorder, one that caused me to lose 13% of my body weight. The only thing that helped me recover from this was smoking weed because the munchies made me so hungry I would just say **** it and eat. Now I’m 21 and have been using the same method all these years later and was under the impression I was fully recovered but there comes times where I’ll not be able to smoke due to money issues or not being able to find any and I’ve started to notice every time I stop smoking my appetite goes completely out the door and my body rejects everything I try to eat and this happens every time without fail. I thought it was just withdrawals at first making me sick because I’m emotionally dependent on it too but it’s been a month since I’ve smoked actual weed and my body is still not letting me eat. Does this mean that all the years I thought I was better I was really just masking my recovery with weed and I never actually changed anything? 

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    Personal finance?????????????

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    No.That person has not fully recovered.

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