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Trump campaign broke. Trump abandoning AZ, WI, MI. I thought Trumpsters told us Trump is a billionaire who self-funds his campaign?

So why is the Trump campaign out of money?  What happened to all of Trump's $billions????????


@Anonymous Hypocrite--In which cities in the U.S. were there "riots" tonight?  Can you name a few?  *crickets*.  Please stop whining like a little school girl and join us in the present.

Update 2:

There's no press reports about a riot in Portland tonight.  Or last night.  And you couldn't name a single other city in the U.S. where there were riots. Got a link proving your point about Portland tonight?  Or are you here just to hurl insults and whine like a schoolchild? And you wonder why your multiple sock puppets are blocked.....

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    He likely has funneled money from his campaign into his own pocket.

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    He doesn't need to spend much; every night when BLM and Antifa pull their stupid acts he gets more votes, little blockybitch troll.

    @Little blockybitch troll: Portland, for one, breaking windows and destroying people's livelihoods.

    Source(s): Little blockybitch trolls post inflammatory questions and block people so they can't answer. IRONY: the little blockybitch troll posting anonymously and then calling someone a coward for posting anonymously so the little blockybitch troll couldn't block them. LOL... WHO is whining like a little school girl here? 😂
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    @Taylor--He's "gone dark" in Arizona...running zero tv ads because he's out of money.  Also, his candidate for the Senate doesn't want to be tied to him in anyway.

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    How exactly has he abandoned Arizona?

    Source(s): Trump helped us, congress is the one not doing its job
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