pls help asap?

How much temperature is required to raise the temperature of a 30 g glass by 40 degrees Celsius? *

choose one :

Q = 1500.8 J

Q = 105.99 J

Q = 200.4 J

Q = 1004.4 J

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    do you mean how much energy or work is required? Because as you state it, a temperature of 40º plus the original temp is required.

    Energy = 840 J/kgK x 0.030 kg x 40ºC = 1000 J

    last answer is closest. 

    note that the answers to 5 digits are silly as the input data allows only two digits of accuracy.

    specific heat glass at 20 C: 840 J/kgK 

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