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im 30 now, yet I lost interest and stopped playing video games at 18. am I a late bloomer ?


my dad is 62 and told me he stopped playing games when he was 14 or 15. he grew out of that phase much faster than I did

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    nah. video games are part of our culture now than it was as a niche.

    It is part of our daily life

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    You matured sooner than most.

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    Yes. Back then to buy a good video / game. you almost had to go to a bank and get a loan to pay for it. Videos they had back then were sucky compaired to todays video games, but a long way from being as violent. I am 75,and I like your dad  had imaginations. We were happy to be outside in the snow / summer sun playing with friends. Hardly ever see kids out doors playing anymore. I think the world would have been better off without video games. I have seen people spend small fortune's playing pin ball machines  They took some of the cartoons off tv years  ago because of violence. My gosh look at them now. All blood and guts.

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