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Looking for advice from women diagnosed with autism as a teen or adult?

I am a 23 year old woman and I’ve always felt like something was different about me. I’ve recently stumbled across some videos of women who were diagnosed with autism in their teens and I’ve felt like I completely relate to them. Has anyone been diagnosed in early adulthood? The women I’ve heard talk about it were diagnosed in their teens, but has anyone gone longer without a diagnosis? I am worried about even bringing it up to anyone, because I appear so neurotypical and I think I am very skilled at masking. Any advice? Has anyone been through this?

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    Hi. I wasn't diagnosed with autism until I was 38! I've been under a mental health team since I was 20 and spent a considerable amount of time in psychiatric hospitals but no one picked up on it. I realised that I'm autistic at the age of 26 but my abusive mother laughed at the idea even though my brother and father are on the spectrum. I brought it up at a care plan meeting with my psychologist and psychologist and they literally shouted no at me and wouldn't discuss the matter further. My doctor, however, was supportive and immediately referred me to my local adult autism assessment service. I was assessed by a speech & language therapist and a clinical psychologist over 4-5 hours and when they gave me my diagnosis they said that they could see it in me within the first 10 minutes. My mental health has improved considerably since my diagnosis and I've since discovered that I'm dyspraxic, have severe sensory processing disorder, auditory processing disorder, ADHD and specific learning difficulties. 

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