what do you do when you hate the limelight and attention on you?

i hate any attention or limelight on me, do not like the spotlight on me at all....i'm just an ordinary obscure man in my forties who minds my own business.....there are times i catch people looking at me in public, or in supermarkets or at the gym, looking at me in a lingering ''knowing'' way.....and i feel like spitting and seething at them like a venomous snake or a snarling animal...shouting at them that '' i am nothing and no one, stop looking at me!! ''

that's how strongly i feel about that, i don't like any attention on me whatsoever, and can't handle it....as i am no one and nothing.

to describe me; im bald, 6ft 1, have a mustache, are white with a tan.....i'm broadly built.

anyway, how do you handle it when attention is on you or people are looking at you, as if singling you out? especially when you hate attention and the spotlight?

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    Hi there! I have social anxiety as well as generalized anxiety disorder. I try to avoid attention and the spotlight like the plague. I work a customer service job as a courtesy clerk at a grocery store and I love it and I like talking to the customers and my coworkers but I definitely don't like the spotlight on me or I don't want to be the popular person. I just want to be liked. If I do have to handle attention, I just smile as much as I can through the pain until the stupid spotlight is once again off me. I don't want to cause a scene I just hope no once notices my anxiety when I'm put on the spot. 

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