How to create a venn diagram?

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  • 1 month ago

    First draw your 3 overlapping circles and label them Spanish, English and Creole.

    I like to start in the middle with the triple overlap. Put 10 people in the middle since they speak all 3 languages.

    Next do the double-overlaps. First subtract 10 from all of them.

    25 people speak Spanish and English (but not Creole)

    33 people speak English and Creole (but not Spanish)

    5 people speak Creole and Spanish (but not English)

    Put those in the double-overlaps (e.g. where Spanish and English overlap), but not in the middle triple overlap.

    Next figure out how many people exclusively speak one language. For example, for  Spanish, you have 85 people but you want to subtract the 25 that speak Spanish and English, the 5 that speak Spanish and Creole and the 10 that speak all 3. That leaves 45 that *only* speak Spanish. Put them in the Spanish circle but not in any of the overlaps. Do the same for English only and Creole only.

    Finally, add up all those 7 regions you've already counted and subtract from the total of 260 people. That number (73) goes in the rectangle outside the 3 circles to represent the people that don't speak any of those languages in their homes.

    I've created such a diagram along with the original numbers just outside the circles to show you how the numbers relate to the original numbers.

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