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Modern occult powers are like weapons of mass destruction compared to ancient and medieval weapons. True or false?


@DCCCLXXXVIII: That is clearly a lie from the Cabinet Office and you know it.

Try telling Boris Johnson that his psychosomatic symptoms aren't real and see what happens, it won't make any difference to his condition at all, which is still Real, whether you like it or not.

However, this comment belies the desperation of HM Government due to the recent developments at No.10, and the psychological problems besetting other members of the cabinet.

Update 2:

The result of Magic is my only concern and so far I am perfectly satisfied with the result, which is revealed by such comments from the Government.

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     Belief in the occult or so called powers thereof  are considered, by intelligent and or educated persons as and acting out of schizophrenia or some other psychosis.  

    Source(s): Psychology
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