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People are more likely to have fatal accidents if they are suffering from psychosomatic symptoms. Due to Cognitive Impairment. True or false?

People who have no psychosomatic symptoms are much less likely to have fatal accidents.

They are less prone to have accidents because they have no Cognitive Impairment.

True or false?


@Donnie: People who have a history of mental illness might be banned from driving, subject to their doctor's assessment. It proves that people who have psychological/psychiatric problems are more prone to having road traffic accidents. Such restrictions are in place in any civilised country. 

Accidents might also cause the deaths of third parties, not only for the driver who is seriously distracted by psychological problems.

Thanks for the comment, which is highly appreciated.

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    If you mean by alcohol, then true. 

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    Maybe but there are plenty of normal idiots who are very likely to have fatal accidents

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