How is proper care decided for a mentally challenged adult?

Clearly there are different degrees of disability, they won’t put a high functioning individual in an institution right? Do some get to live independently? How?

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  • 4 weeks ago
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    There are lots of people with cognitive impairments and other disabilities who live independently or in a group home for adults with similar needs where they may be limited assistance or just have staff that can be called if they need assistance. What happens is that a professional will conduct a thorough assessment and evaluate the person's ability to attend to activities of daily living (like hygiene, problem solving, nutrition, medication management, etc) and then assign a level of care. There are different options that take into account the person's wishes as well, if they wish to live on their own in their own apartment or home, then there are things that could help them do that if necessary (like having medication management, or visual signs to help them remember to complete daily tasks)… some people won't need assistance at all.  Someone with more intensive needs could find a place in an adult foster home or other facility with staff available, but where they have private space and the ability to go into the community alone. For instance, in the town I live in there is one particular man who is well-known. He lives in an adult foster home for adults with cognitive impairments/developmental disabilities. That's where he lives, however, he regularly is out and about unaided in the community. He has a job, he rides his bike all over the town, etc. But, he still has the support of staff at home for meals and medications and general health needs. 

  • 4 weeks ago

    of course, there are different levels of support living.  some get no help.  some just meet/call a support worker as needed/1x/month/1x week...

    some have on site staff but come and go as they please.

    some have total supervision.

  • 4 weeks ago

    my sister had schizophrenia for yrs and she lived alone

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