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Does your political philosophy have any seeming contradictions?

EXAMPLE: I am pro-choice. But my common sense tells me that abortion is an abomination. Think about it. However, it’s only a SEEMING contradiction. Because abortion is better than the abominations that result from an unwanted birth.

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  • Emma
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    1 month ago

    Sometimes we have to go with the least bad choice. No one likes abortions but they have always happened and it is better they be performed in a clinic than on a kitchen table with a coat hanger.

  • 1 month ago

    You seem to have reached a level of awareness in which you see that absolute certainty tends to be the domain of those with little experience of life and little intellect. You are right that reality exists in shades of grey, not simple black & white certainty, and that many decisions and many values rest on a fine balance between degrees of good or bad. Welcome to the sometimes challenging world as a thinker.

    I agree that abortion is far more moral than bringing an unwanted life into the world but I fail to see a downside to it. The aborted foetus has lost nothing it ever had.

    In an ideal world, there would be no unprotected sex by hormone-driven teenagers, no rape, no incest, no birth defects, no drug-addled parents, no radical economic changes that affect decisions about starting a family, no failed contraception, no drunken fumbles at the office party ..... but we do not live in a ideal world. I have never heard a rational argument against abortion. Sometimes, we have to go with the least bad option. It's about shades of grey.

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