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Is there a type of switch that  on-on=on  on-off=on off-off=off I searched two-way switch but it's not like that because it's on-on=off?

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    1. There is NO SUCH THING as 'on' or 'off' on switches designed to have multiple switches controlling one device. If the switches you have are marked with 'on' and 'off', they must be REPLACED with what the US calls 2 way switches to work properly.

    2. The correct switches have a 'common' and 2 'travelers'. Flipping the switch changes which traveler running between the switches is connected to the common. When both switches have the same traveler connected to the common, the circuit is on. When they have opposing travelers connected to the common, the circuit is off.

    Note: I understand what we call a 3 way switch in the US is called a 2 way switch in other countries.

    The self proclaimed 35 year engineer lacks the comprehension skills that were required in 4th grade when he/she would have been that age.

    Update: After reading the other answers, and rereading the question, I believe you want 2 simple on/off switches wired so that if either switch is on, the circuit is on, but if, and only it both switches are off, the circuit is off

    If that is what you want, use 2 NORMAL on/off switches. Wire the 'hot' from the breaker to the hot side of both switches. Then connect separate wires from the 'load' side of each switch to whatever you are turning on and off.

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    you might want to consider providing some context as this sounds like digital gate programming

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    you need an "AND" logic circuit for that ... there aren't 110v switches like that

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    No.  The supposed three way switches are just two two way switches.   If both are flipped in UP position the lights are on.   If they are both flipped in the DOWN position the lights are on.   If either one is flipped in the opposite direction the lights are off. 

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    It's either a 3 way switch or you can't compose a coherent question!

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    35 years of engineering an I do not understand wtf you mean.

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