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How many protocols are used in  windows 10? TCP/IP...,  and what are the others?

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    Hmmm. it's very complex.  Technically TCP/IP is two protocols and most networking professionals no longer use that term.  We just talk about IP.  

    IP is a protocol, it operates at the network layer in the OSI model (layer 3).  IP is the foundation, all other protocols used on the Internet leverage it.

    TCP is a separate protocol, that happens to layer on top of IP, it operates at the transport layer (layer 4) in the OSI model.

    FTP is a separate protocol, that happens to layer on top of IP, it operates the transport layer (layer 4) in the OSI model.

    Ethernet (technically CSMA/CD) is a separate protocol, that operates at the data link layer (layer 2) in the OSI model, TCP runs on top of IP, which runs on top of Ethernet (or Wi-Fi).  Wi-Fi is layer 2 also.

    Above those are HTTP, SSL, IPsec, DNS, DHCP,'s a long list.  Suggest you start reading the IETF RFC documents that outline all these different protocols.  There are 1000s of RFCs out there, it ought to keep you busy for a lifetime.

    Additionally, Windows 10 has really nothing to do with it.  All devices that connect to the Internet run all the same protocols - Macs, Unix, iPhones, Androids, Chrome etc.... all leverage the same set of protocols when it comes to the Internet.  The fact that the IETF defined all the protocols and all vendors use the same IETF standards means it all works together (providing the vendor in question implemented it correctly).  If you were around in the early days of networking, there were other protocols that competed with IP and interoperability among computing platforms was a challenge if it could be done at all.

    Source(s): Many moons ago I was a Netware admin and dabbled in DECNet among others.
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    depends on what you are doing.  there are THOUSANDS of different protocols out there, and Windows comes preloaded with even more driver files.

    it only uses the ones you tell it to. if you connect internet, it uses TCP/IP. if you connect a USB device, it depends on the device type as to what protocol it uses. and so on.

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    I'll bite.  My answer is, "All of them."

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