I am on the top floor of my house and I have a wireless connection. the router is on the floor underneath, how do I improve my signal?

I have a cable outlet in my room as well, is there anyway I could use that outlet?

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Use a WiFi repeater or extender it will improve your connection.

  • BigE
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    4 weeks ago

    If you mean TV cable and has a path near your router, you can use a MOCA connector network.  This feeds network over the cable itself, it does require a paired box near the router.

  • Shadow
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    4 weeks ago

    It is possible to get a network device that communicates over/through the power outlets however it may be better to go for a range extender or alternatively, place the WiFi router above or on the same level as you.

  • 4 weeks ago

    You can buy wifi extender like those on amazon.It will solve this problem.

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  • David
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    4 weeks ago

    If the "cable" is an ethernet cable and the other end can be connected to the router then it would be a simple matter to plug the ethernet cable into your computer at one end and the router at the other. An ethernet cable will look like the image below. If the "cable" isn't an ethernet cable you could of course just run a long ethernet cable from downstairs to upstairs.

    You can also try powerline adapters, these use the household wiring instead of a long ethernet cable - you plug one adapter into the  router and a local mains socket and the other adapter into the room where the computer is and a nearby mains socket.

    A wired cable obviously avoids all the problems of a weak wifi signal.

    Otherwise you can improve the wifi signal by using a wifi booster or a wifi mesh system, google them for further information.

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  • P
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    4 weeks ago

    First you have to assess your household wifi situation.  In general 2 story households under 2000 SF built with drywall walls should be able to be entirely covered by 1 quality AC1900 or better router.  If this describes your household the best result to improve your wifi would be to replace the router.  Bigger households will need a better router and a wifi repeater added halfway between the "weak" area and the router.  People often very liberally add wifi repeaters, but they can slow down your entire network so it's best to avoid them.    You can also bypass your wifi completely by adding powerline adapters by your room and the router to get a wired connection.  You can't really use the cable outlet so it's best not to even consider it.

  • 4 weeks ago

    The only thing you can do with the cable outlet is get another cable modem/router which means paying for another Internet connection from whomever your service provider is (=monthly bill).

    If possible move the router that is on the floor beneath you as close to the physical center of the structure as possible.  Wi-Fi is a radio signal, it broadcasts in spherical shape around the router and around your "device".  If the router is physically located at one end of the structure it's being used in, half the signal is going outside.  It also matters what material the home is constructed out of.  If you have an older home with real plaster walls, those are really good at blocking Wi-Fi.

    If you can't move the router than my suggestion is you consider getting what is known as a mesh system.  Lot's of vendors make Wi-Fi mesh routers - Netgear Orbi is an example,  Amplifi is another one as is Google Nest Wi-Fi.  With a mesh system you spread out "access points" that are linked wirelessly to the main router.  This allows you to easily expand the coverage of your Wi-Fi, but it will cost you >$100 to buy it.

    Another option is to run a segment of Ethernet wire from the router to your room.  In your room you can put a Wi-Fi access point.   The other option is to get Wi-Fi repeaters (range extenders), however you lose bandwidth with those and I personally don't recommend them.

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