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Calculate the Molarity of the solution and mass of benzene in the sample?

Several years ago, millions of bottles of mineral water were contaminated with benzene at ppm levels. A 250-mL sample of mineral water has 12.7 ppm of benzene. Assuming that the contaminated mineral water is a very dilute aqueous solution, its density is 1.00 g mL–1. 

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  • david
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    2 months ago

    ppm = 1g/1,000,000mL

      12.7 ppm X 1g/1,000,000mL X 250 mL  =  0.003175 g

     . . .molar mass C6H6 = 78g/mol

        0.003175 g  X  1mol/78g  X  2/0.25L  =  0.0001628205 M --- round as needed for sig figs

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