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Suicidal thoughts while pregnant?

I live with my cheating husband, have no friends or family. I’m scared to leave him as I have nobody and I’d have nowhere to leave to. I only had found out recently that he had cheated on me and ever since I regret getting pregnant, I feel so alone and i don’t want to be here anymore but i’m scared for my unborn child. I never leave the house, I have people that look down on me and gossip because of my upbringing as a child. I live in a very small town so everyone knows eachother and i always end up bumping into someone that knows all about my childhood.I just don’t think I can carry on any longer I don’t know where to go for help because i know no one at all. This might not make sense but my head is all over the place 

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    Relax.  You're pumped FULL of strange hormones.  PAY NO ATTENTION to these thoughts, perceptions (of your husband), or desires.  Put them on hold.  If they are REAL, you will have lots of opportunities to deal with them after the pregnancy roller-coaster/holocaust is done with.  The child is real and is coming.  The rest of the things racing through your mind might be distortions or inaccurate.  Don't focus on them.  Let them pass.  Focus on the only thing that you can be sure is true and enduring: the baby.

    After this is all done, and you have a healthy baby, THEN you can start to deal with your perception of your husband and all the other things that seem and feel so troubling.  Relax.  There's plenty of time, and there's definitely an order in which you are supposed to deal with these things.  You'll see everything differently some six months after your baby's birthday.

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    maybe you should get some counseling

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