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What should I do with my huge breasts? I can't seem to find any clothes that suit me.?

My body is small and only my brests are really big. I bought a jacket that's my size and when I put it on, I can't zip past my breasts. I tried getting a bigger jacket and even though it zips past my breasts, it's so big and I don't look as good as I did with the smaller jacket. This happens with other jackets I own. I have a few zipper jackets that are literally my size but they wont go up. The weather is getting cold and I want to wear a jacket my size but nothing zips up past my breasts. What can I do about them?


I'm skinny so dont try to say I'm overweight. My breasts have always been huge and I can't get rid of them. 

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    You need to find a good tailor! What you do is you get the jacket that zips up, and then take it to a tailor so that he/she can take it in where it's too big. It does cost more money, but many of us with nonstandard body shapes do this. Kinda depends on how much you want your clothes to fit you properly. I find it's well worth it. 

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    what to do ? First you let me motorboat those yummy things. I love big big breasts. Marry me!

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    You can wear oversized jackets/tops to accommodate your breasts, you can wear clothing/jackets with a lot of "stretch" so you can buy a smaller size that will stretch to accommodate your chest, you can visit a skilled seamstress and see if someone can make you something tailored to your body shape, or you can (if you are an adult and choose to) have a breast reduction. 

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    lol this is me too but id never get a breast reduction because I like my nice boobs (although I guess its an option)

    for clothes, I usually find shirts and stuff that have more of an open neckline instead of things that button up to the top or have a mock neck or something. so like v neck or wrap around blouses or something

    for jackets and things I tend to wear them open in the front with a sweater underneath or a scarf around my neck

    hope this helps!

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    1. Try a lot of different styles and brands of coats.

    2. Get your clothes tailored 

    3. Contact a plastic surgeon about a breast reduction.

    If you have large breasts, you are going to have issues with clothing being too tight in the chest.  The options are to get a larger size and have it custom-tailored to fit you or to look at getting your breasts surgically reduced in size. Or wear your coats open and use a scarf.

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    CHeck your food if there are hormones inside. (Makeup, meat, that)

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    Buy some cubby girl clothes and have them taken in.

    If it comfortably fits your bust the tailor can fix the rest.

    It's not as expensive as you may think. 

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    This would be easier to answer if you provided some pics. 

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