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Certain countries have no extradition treaties with the UK and USA. True or false?

It means that would be Occultists can find "safe haven" in those countries, knowing that they are not going to be monitored by the Secret Intelligence Service and the American CIA.

At best, such countries only have lukewarm relations, if not outrightly hostile towards the UK and USA, which means they are not likely to cooperate with either country. 

Therefore, an Occultist is not likely to be monitored in such countries who are not the best of "friends" with the UK or USA.

Consequently, an Occultist can travel to such a country to resume his campaign of "spiritual warfare and genocide against the UK and USA" without being monitored by either country.

Ultimately, such a plan can only be successful, because such "Third" countries can effectively provide a "smokescreen" to conceal such a campaign of hostility, death and destruction against the UK and USA.

Exorcisms by the UK and USA are completely ineffectual and cannot be used to counter such occult activities, because they have no idea Who is going to be the next target.

Thus, the UK and USA can still be destroyed by angelic and demonic minions, because neither would have an "Early warning system" to warn them where the next attack is going to happen.

So what are you going to do about it?

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  • Mike W
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    4 weeks ago

    True.  The US and UK don't have extradition treaties with every existing country.  Not sure I'd refer to all those with no extradition treaty as safe havens.  

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