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Do you believe in the unstoppable "silver bullet" that can be used to defeat any superpower?

Exorcisms can only work if you are dealing with a small group of people, but not if a larger group has been attacked by Occultists.

So called "magical protection" is only effective to protect individuals, but not even a small group of people.

However, a focused occult attack that mobilizes angelic and demonic forces can still harm a relatively large group of people for long enough to cause "sudden" or "accidental" death.

But exorcisms or "magical protection" are completely useless in the face of such an attack directed against tens of thousands of people who belong to the same group.

Exorcism cannot protect such a "large" group, because there is no one at all in the Anglican or Catholic Church who has the same level of expertise as St. Franciscus of Assissi et al.

Such an occult attack is the real world equivalent of a "silver bullet" that can penetrate the defensive capability of any superpower.

Because there is no protection against such a "bullet".

For exorcisms can only be used to protect individuals or small groups, but it cannot be used to protect a larger group in the order of one hundred thousand.

Ultimately, there is no protection against such a "silver bullet" that can be used to take down any superpower by using the method of "simultaneous multiple strikes against multiple targets".


At least, such a "defensive capability" hasn't been invented yet, but such a "shield" would lie under the remit of Occult theory and practice.

True or false?

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