LG front load washing machine inlet troubleshooting help...?

Front load LG Washing machine model #WM3470HWA.  Machine will not fill with water, UNLESS I run the "diagnostics".

•  Cleaned the inlet screens

•  Cleaned the inlet valves.

•  Inlet hoses from water source are clear.

•  Water pressure is good.

•  Ran through "diagnostics" and machine filled with water fine and all results were normal.

•  Detergent drawer has NOT been adding detergent.

•  Water softener tray has Not emptied for some time now.

•  Rinse cycle IS filling with water.

•  Have replaced the pump 2 times in past.



Lol, I think that's all the info that maybe helpful in pointing to a solution to what I should check next.  My biggest befuddlement is the fact it fills fine when performing "diagnostic" testing.  Any advise would be so appreciated, :)

3 Answers

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    I just got rid of a lg washing machine. Worst machine that I ever owned.

       Go buy a new one. One with less electronics 

  • 1 month ago

    The manual, lol, no.  Just tells me to clean filters.  I know, the diagnostic run through is how I am doing my must have laundry right now.  But why that is working has me crazy, (crazier), :)

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    I have an LG front loader (came with house) and I hate it. Worst washer I've ever owned.

    I've even had the problem you have, not filling, except cleaning the screens fixed it. The detergent drawer, which is also the bleach dispenser and the fabric softener dispenser, is spring loaded and the spring commonly fails. I understand this is a repair a handy person can do themselves.

    But the not-filling part that works when you do the diagnostics is a mystery. Does the troubleshooting section of the manual suggest anything more you can try?

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