What are some injuries that you can survive and recover from without dying because of it in the future?

I've gotten to the point in my novel where my character will be caught in a tsunami. Considering the facts of these natural disasters and how they kill you, I've come up with some injuries that would land him in the hospital for at least a few days, and eventually, he will recover and head back out into the world and go through the process of finding his friends and family, helping people, etc... But I don't want him to die from to severe injuries in the future, since I'm trying to keep him alive for a normal life span with complete accuracy. Anyways here are some of the injuries,

-A gash on his head from being knocked unconscious by a hard object

-Broken arm from hitting a wall

-many cuts and bruises from glass, nails, metal, and other sharp objects.

-Two long, but not deep, cuts on his chest and left leg

-Temporary breathing issues from near-drowning?

That's it, but there's another thing, if he's knocked unconscious in a mess of violent, rapidly churning water full of deadly debris, how long would he survive being submerged and without breathing before CPR is performed?

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  • 1 month ago
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    Temporary breathing would not necessarily be something to recover from if it’s a significant near drowning. As to being unconscious in water if no one found them then they would probably die if under water being found in a tsunami for CPR would be pretty unlikely. And it is minutes to death

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