PIP Assessment Help needed please!?

Haven't left my house once (not even for exercise) since March due to anxiety & completely forgot about this but I've just woken up to this message.

I feel sick as in 8 days I have a telephone consultation for my PIP next Friday, absolutely dreading it, this is the worse news that could of happened right now as I haven't seen any of my support workers or anything in months. I've been on PIP since 2012 but I've never had a telephone consultation & the last interview I has I was there for 5 minutes & the assessor was like "I have no idea why you've had to come today".

What should I expect from this call, can it be on loud speaker & can my mum also be there? Any advice would be gratefully received as this has just ruined everything x

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  • 1 month ago
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    Your mum??

    No, you've got to handle this yourself, it's not a big deal I imagine they just want to check you are still eligible for the benefit, what is PIP anyway, disability? 

    It will be the same as last time when you went in for 5 minutes, whatever they asked you then they'll ask you now, answer honestly and everything will be fine.  How come a planned phone call is causing you to freak out?  It's just someone on the end of the phone, when you claim benefits the taxpayer needs to know you're not cheating them so that's why someone checks in on the claimant from time to time. 

    You should be pleased you don't have to go in to their offices, I imagine that would cause you even more anxiety if a phone call is making you this worried.

    Relax, all will be well, you'll be off the phone in no time.  Your mum can sit next to you if she must but she'll have to be quiet, the questions are for you the claimant, they don't need to speak to your mum OK.

    All the best.

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