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What is the magnitude and sign of q1 if the net force on q3 is zero?

Three-point charges are arranged on a line. Charge q3= +5.00 nC is at origin. Charge q2= -3.00 nC is at x= +4.00 cm. charge q1= is at x=+2.00 cm. 

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    q1 must have opposite sign to q2 and so is positive.

    Taking into account the push/pull of q1 and q2 on q3, and taking "right" as positive,

    F = 0 = k * q3 * (q2 / (4.00cm)² - q1 / (2.00cm)²)

    which is true when

    q2 / 4² = q1 / 2²

    Given magnitude q2 = 3.00 nC, then

    q1 = ¼*3.00nC = 0.75 nC

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