Is it possible to get Decaf Pike's Place Roast on the clover machine at Starbucks? I have a heart condition, but can hv a little bit of caff?

And can I get this iced?

Note: I usually go to Peet's, so unfamiliar with Starbucks cans & cants besides they dont brew decaf coffee, so u have to get an americano, but wanted to know about the above question. Yes, I know decaff still contains small amounts of caff. 🤗


Whoops! Thanks for the correction. Ive been known to butcher a name! Now, I wont sound like a complete moron when I order. 

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago
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    It's Pike Place...not Pike's Place.

    You've just made every Seattleite's eyes bleed.   LOL!

    And the answer to your question is YES.

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