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Questions on tax refund / verification of non filing ?

I filed my 2018 taxes this year in April. The reason I Waited to file was because I wasn’t able to file electronically due to identify issues so the irs directed me to file by paper which I just by my own fault put off. I know the paper returns are taking longer to process. I got my state refund issued to me as a check in the mail which I thought was odd because on paper I indicated I wanted direct deposit. Went to my account on the irs website to check transcript records and for 2018 there’s a star next to it when I click it a new page pops up explaining to consider the statement as a letter / verification of non filing for 2018 year. I understand that state and federal are different systems but how can the state issue me a refund and the irs show no record of me filing on that year? I’ve called and been told to wait an additional 4-6 weeks. Got no info other than this 

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    They are entirely different.  Each state processes far fewer returns.

  • Judy
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    4 weeks ago

    Because as you said, state and IRS ar totally separate.  Your state has processed your return, IRS has not.  You're just wasting your time calling.

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

     "I’ve called and been told to wait an additional 4-6 weeks."

    And there you go.   No one here has any additional information.   

    You didn't even tell us what the problem is.  I'm assuming you're waiting for a federal refund but you didn't actually say that.     If that's correct, you hurry up and wait for another 4-6 weeks as you've been instructed.

  • 4 weeks ago

    You state's dept. of revenue/taxation is a completely separate organization from the IRS.  They are completely independent of each other.

    The IRS is way behind.  They sent everyone home and then had to handle all of the stimulus payments.

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